Customer-facing enablement

Close the gap between average and top performers equipping your sales, customer support and success teams with in-depth knowledge

Empower your sales team

Callrox delivers your salespeople exactly what they need to conduct conversations, answer questions, and close deals, wherever they're working. In Salesforce, during a call, video conferences, or anywhere else. Train your team with updated knowledge and within the natural workflow.

Measurable and Effective Sales Training

It will be easy to find out what knowledge is driving behavior change, who on the team is studying and what the impact is on sales outcome indicators. Understand what's working based on data and make decisions to empower the sales team that actually drive behavior change.

Accessing knowledge practically and in real time gives sales reps the ability to drop the phrase "I'll check it out and get back to you as soon as possible." Your future customers will have everything they need to make decisions based on conversations with your sales team and not based on lengthy emails, videos and PDFs.

Consistent speeches that close deals

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Why use Callrox to empower your sales team?

There is no reason to delay the onboarding of new members because of the busy schedule of those responsible for training. Likewise, there is no reason to dampen the new employee's initial excitement by asking them to spend the entire day completing checklists. Instead, let the Callrox platform simplify your onboarding process so you increase employee engagement and retention from day one.

Get started quickly with our customer-facing enablement framework

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Allow your team to easily answer questions, close deals faster and build stronger relationships. Organize your competitive positioning, sales support materials, business process, email templates, learning trails, coaching process, call feedback and more.