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Callrox is a customer-facing enablement platform that helps companies worldwide improve the performance of their sales, support and customer success teams.

The problem

Knowledge is too decentralized today. Email, ephemeral Slack messages, Google Drive files, Confluence pages, call recordings, local files. D'oh! When there is a knowledge base, there is no guidance on how to go through it. We believe this should be solved in a single, integrated tool.

The solution
We allow front-line teams to centralize their knowledge in a single source of truth, keep them up-to-date and access them from anywhere, using the tools they already know and love. With our white label platform, these teams can easily transform your playbooks into gamified learning trails and create a better onboarding, upskilling and coaching experience.
Customer-facing teams suffer the most from these issues, as they must handle issues in real time and can't make a time/quality trade-off. With Callrox, they have easy and fast access to updated documentation, through a learning experience that works.

Create a single source of truth, integrated with existing knowledge

Information is siloed and scattered around company tools and minds. Discovery bellow how Callrox helps business to create a single source of truth, integrated with existing knowledge.

Ensure content is always updated and shared with everyone

Content quickly becomes outdated so people lose trust and stop using it. That's why we build Callrox. To help companies to ensure content is always updated with an easy-to-run system.

Deliver knowledge directly at team’s workflow, automatically

People are lazy and don’t go after information if it’s not at their hand. For this reason, Callrox delivers knowledge directly in their workflow, automatically.

Use your knowledge base to quickly create effective learning experiences 

L&D initiatives fail to train people in the speed and quality that company needs. With our white label platform, companies can easily build their knowledge into gamified learning trails to improve the onboarding and upskilling experience of employees and customers.

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