Onboarding and upskilling

Ramp up new teammates quickly and upskilling your team continuously with everything they need to know to succeed in their roles.

Learning and development on autopilot

When you automate onboarding from day 1, new team members can follow at their own pace, independently and, at the same time, in a very well-targeted way. Naturally, reducing internal support costs will generate great savings.

Consolidate and centralize company knowledge

Eliminate confusion by giving team members one place to find all the company knowledge they need to do their jobs. Then it's just a matter of watching productivity increase.

Individual and team level analytics allow managers to easily discover if and when a new employee needs help or has questions about something specific during onboarding time.

Gain visibility on the progress of new hires

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Ensure knowledge retention

The Ebbinghaus forgetting curve shows us that human beings forget 90% of everything they study in 30 days if there are no revisions. With your new collaborators it's no different and you know it. With Callrox, we help you empower new employees to learn effectively, at their own pace and in existing tools and work processes.

Create a culture of learning and continuous evolution

Knowledge transfer is the critical element of an effective onboarding process which allows new employees to reach their potential in the shortest possible time.
Callrox's platform allows these new people on the team to access the information they need to do a great job, whenever necessary. More than that, they start to have a logical direction of the path that they must follow to reach the expected result.

Reduce direct and indirect costs of L&D

With Callrox, it is possible to reduce the time of professionals who participate in learning and development directly and indirectly. In addition, we accelerate the initial learning curve by delivering a fantastic onboarding experience that will make the satisfaction and engagement of new hires skyrocket. See through your own experience.

Why use Callrox to onboard and upskill employees?

There is no reason to delay the onboarding of new members because of the busy schedule of those who participate in the training. By the same token, there's no reason to dampen the new employee's initial excitement by asking them to spend the entire day sticking to checklists or listening to endless explanations of everything they need to know. Instead, let the Callrox platform simplify your learning and development process so you can increase employee engagement and retention over the long term.

Stop leaving money on the table. Improve your onboarding and upskilling process with Callrox

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Give your L&D team everything they need to integrate new people into their respective areas and positions. Getting started at Callrox is easy, so start creating your learning journey today with our technology and have a solid and effective foundation for training your team.